Image Resolution

Resolution refers to the number of colored dots
or pixels that make up an image. It is commonly
expressed in DPI [ Dots Per Inch ]

Resolution Guides

The higher the DPI, the greater the resolution.
Higher resolution images create larger file sizes.

Image resolution is directly and inversely propotional
to an image's physical size. When you enlarge an image
while lowering the resolution, the image will print poorly.

600 DPI is the ideal resolution for printed images

600 DPI is the ideal resolution for printed text.

Your screen resolution doesn't accurately
reflect your image resolution because monitor displays
usually have about 72 to 116 PPI [ Pixel Per Inch ]
To view print resolution of your image,
zoom in up to 300 - 400 %.

When taking pictures from a digital camera
for your print project, it's best to set your camera
to the highest resolution setting.

Four colour Process Printing uses the CMYK colour
mode. Convert RGB images to CMYK using graphics
editing software such as Adobe Photoshop.

Save your images in a lossless file format
such as TIFF and EPS to maintain accuracy and quality.

Here is a chart to help you determine the approximate dimensions of your image
at your desired print size and in the recommended 600 DPI


50mm x 40mm

50mm x 50mm

60mm x 50mm

50mm x 76mm

86mm x 65mm

108mm x 81mm

101mm x 101mm

101mm x 152mm

135mm x 101mm

127mm x 177mm

203mm x 135mm

203mm x 254mm

215mm x 279mm

1183 X 945 PIXELS

1183 X 1183 PIXELS

1183 X 1417 PIXELS

1181 X 1795 PIXELS

2031 X 1535 PIXELS

2551 X 1913 PIXELS

2386 X 2386 PIXELS

2386 X 3591 PIXELS

3189 X 2386 PIXELS

3000 X 4181 PIXELS

4795 X 3189 PIXELS

4795 X 6000 PIXELS

5079 X 6591 PIXELS

600 DPI

600 DPI

600 DPI

600 DPI

600 DPI

600 DPI

600 DPI

600 DPI

600 DPI

600 DPI

600 DPI

600 DPI

600 DPI